लड़की की अदाएं इतनी पसंद आ रही हैं कि ट्विटर पर तो उसका फोटो ट्रेंड होने लगा है।

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वैलेंटाइन डे से पहले वायरल हुई ये लड़की, ट्विटर पर आ रहे ऐसे रिएक्शन

Do not say this miracle, and what else to say! A girl like this, whose eyes in the video of a few seconds went wild in social media. After all, who is this girl who started trending on social media in just a few hours. The loveliness of this  eye of this girl who lost all the heart.

The girl’s name is “Priya Prakash Warrior”, who is the main character of the film and is based on the movie Prem. Some songs in the movie have been hit. Lots of people are pursuing Priya in a few hours, at present, 1 lakh 87 thousand people are following on Instagram.